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Competitively priced to work for you.
Professional Package
Great for companies that have professional SWPPP administrators
$275 Setup*
  • Includes:
  • Importing site plans
  • Setting up initial users
  • Online system training for project team

*Pricing may vary based on project size and details.
See pricing details.

Practitioner Package
For companies without a stormwater professional on staff
$600-$1100 Setup*
  • Includes:
  • Professional Package Features
  • Build SWPPP meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Provide compliance and systems training

*Pricing may vary based on project size and details.
See pricing details.

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ComplianceWise Detailed Features

No longterm contracts or special equipment required!The most cost-effective, scalable stormwater management solution available.
Unlimited users and tech supportEncourages full stakeholder participation by eliminating additional software expenses.
Built-in compliance guidance and system help tutorialsLook like a stormwater expert in days, not years.
Three-step, thorough inspection processLinear, logical process yields full permit compliance.
Projects at-a-glance dashboardView and access all of your projects on one screen. See when inspections are due or were completed. Identify which projects have open findings, notifications or other potential problems.
Photo document initial findingsOne picture is worth a thousand words.
Photo document multiple corrective actionsDocument all steps toward final correction.
Photo annotation toolHighlight specific areas for greater clarity.
Create local inspection forms
(extra charges may apply)
Saves time. Automatically populates local report forms with inspection information from the ComplianceWise system.
Unlimited document attachments allowedSave everything related to stormwater compliance in a single file folder
Email notifications, automatic and manual
Instant communication and collaboration. Inspector easily emails initial and completed report links. The system automatically sends inspection reminders, late inspection alerts and more.
Digital certification signatures meeting federal requirementsAlerts you if you forget to sign and certify a report.
Automatic "errors and omissions" notification system Practically foolproof -- just read your warning messages.
Pre-activity planning tool for pollution sources and control measuresTurns your construction schedule into a powerful and accurate SWPPP planning tool.
ColorCheck‚ĄĘ inspection progress indicatorMakes inspections easy and thorough. As you check off the required inspection items, color turns to grey. It's that simple!
Interactive Site Map
- locate all control measures, pollutions sources, findings and other items
Eliminates time consuming, messy paper maps, and having to transfer notations from one map to another. Never lose your records!
Quickly record and retrieve permit-required information. These logs protect your company from the most common, potentially costly, and easily avoidable paperwork violations.

Grading, dormancy and stabilization logs
Daily logs
Control measure and pollution source logs
Activity planning
Spill reports
Automatically records the date and time of every control measure install, removal and all SWPPP modifications for the life of the projectAny question a regulator might have is always available with the click of a few buttons. Knowledgeable responses minimize enforcement risks.
Permit Checklist for Federal, State and, upon request, local jurisdictions (extra charges may apply)Translates complicated regulatory language into easy to understand SWPPP checklists like regulators will use when they inspect your job. Use it prior to a regulatory visit to be certain you have everything in your SWPPP that the permit requires.
Internal audit inspection option for companies with a corporate stormwater professionalIdentify and address potential compliance problems before regulators do. Special audit format provides a template to evaluate and track /trend detailed performance scores for all company projects.
Uniform Stormwater Management System (USMS) Internal Audit ChecklistProactively manage all stormwater risks. Verify that your field SWPPP Administrators are using the compliance system effectively before enforceable problems surface. FULL USMS implementation = FULL minimum permit compliance = LOW risk of enforcement penalties.
USMS Performance ReportsCompare project to project scores, set and monitor performance goals, communicate results immediately.
Simple "one-click" regulatory records download Simply and easily download in seconds all minimum records regulators are allowed to have, and nothing more.
Project records archived
(we store at no cost, or you can)
Your important records are stored free-of-charge for three years on our redundant, safe, and secure servers.
Online training and compliance assistanceNever get stuck on hold, waiting for assistance. Stormwater Permit compliance experts are just a phone call or email away. Our experts have thousands of hours of field and ComplianceWise system experience and will get you through any challenges quickly.

Pricing Details

Monthly fee is billed in advanced for the estimated months of active construction. Monthly inspections performed waiting for final stabilization are not billed.
Setup Fee Price Scale
Digital SWPPP set-up cost for projects is based on size of the project. For projects that do not wish to use the electronic stormwater management plan, the set-up cost is $25.

Small Projects

1 to 5 Acres

Medium Projects

5 to 20 Acres

Large Projects

20 to 50 Acres

Linear Projects
Will provide a quote

Linear, or over 50 Acres

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